Work in progress on my wall. Thanks to my mom, with her feng shui advices ^^ I hope it works.
Tuesday selfie. Trying not to feel homesick.
Printmaking workshop today. Self portrait.
This place is really inspiring. Sketches and new book.
Seul à Oxford.
Natural History Museum - Oxford
Uni starting in a few minutes, finally!
Last post here was too long ago. Here is my face! Good morning England.
I suceeded. You left your bed to take a shower. And it is taking way too long. Everything is hard now, and takes ages. And its going to be worse and worse and worse…
I miss you. 
Where is your soul gone? It’s like I am calling you but no one answears. Your eyes are not the same anymore. Empty. 
You are talking nonsense. No, I have no idea what you are asking me to do, I don’t know how to act. You are emotionless, and I am  full of fears and love and sadness. And loneliness.

No one should have cancer, especially at 22.